Kinfolk Brass Band Wedding Second Line Parade
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Kinfolk Brass Band Wedding Second Line Parade

There's no better way to celebrate a New Orleans wedding than to have a second line parade through the French Quarter. Led by a brass band, such as the fabulous Kinfolk Brass Band shown here (unquestionably the most popular and prolific wedding second line band in the city), the bride and groom pump umbrellas up and down as guests wave handkerchiefs and crowds of tourists cheer the group on from the sidewalks and balconies. The parade can be scheduled to take place either between the ceremony and reception, or at the end of the reception.

Can't Rain on This Bride's Parade!

Right as we were departing the Maison Dupuy Hotel for this particular parade, a light rain started to fall, but we continued anyway. The rain became heavier, but even that didn't stop us! While I'm sure the bride would have preferred to have had perfect weather on her wedding day, I love the spirit that this photograph perfectly captures: a resilient and fun-loving couple and group of guests who were not about to let a little rain get in the way of their celebration, and devoted musicians who persevered through the bad weather instead of canceling the parade and just playing inside the venue for a little while. Despite the unpleasant conditions, I did not want to miss the opportunity to capture these wonderful images for my couple, and continued to shoot... it was not enjoyable working in wet clothes for the rest of the evening, but it certainly was worth it for this amazing sequence of pictures!
Another unique aspect of this image was the trombonist who is marching next to the bride... that's the groom!  He was a musician when he served in the military, and the awesome members of the Kinfolk Brass Band were kind enough to let him join in and play with them.

Location: French Quarter, New Orleans, LA.