Latrobes on Royal Wedding Ceremony
Michael Caswell Photography

Latrobes on Royal Wedding Ceremony

This city is blessed with many unique and historical venues for weddings. One at the very top of the list is Latrobe's on Royal is a fantastic New Orleans wedding venue in the French Quarter that has lots of character and is just oozing with historic ambiance. The building, originally the Louisiana State Bank, was designed by Benjamin Latrobe, who is best known as the architect of the United States Capital building.

Wedding ceremonies at Latrobes typically take place in the courtyard, which is actually now a fully enclosed and air-conditioned space rather than a traditional outdoor courtyard. This amazing and unique room looks just as gorgeous in person as it does in photographs, with warm, subtle lighting and visually stunning textures and colors on the walls. Most of the reception action usually occurs in the main ballroom, which is toward the front of the building facing Royal Street, but after the ceremony the courtyard will typically be cleared and set up as a secondary reception space. This is a nice arrangement, as it allows for a quieter place for guests who wish to engage in conversation away from the loud music and dance floor. What was once the bank's vault is now the venue's main bar.

Latrobes also benefits from a convenient central French Quarter location that is within easy walking distance of popular ceremony venues such as Saint Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square.

Location: 403 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130.