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Brooke & Kevin’s beautiful wedding ceremony took place at St. Stephen’s church in uptown New Orleans.  I love when military couples have the traditional arch of sabres (as it is called in the Air Force and Army, with the Navy and Marine Corp referring to it as the arch of swords), and only the bride and groom are permitted to walk through the arch.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, after some portraits on a chartered streetcar, we headed over to the Columns Hotel on Saint Charles Avenue, where the Third Line Brass Band and a group of Mardi Gras Indians, with their trademark elaborately designed costumes, were there with the guests to welcome the new couple to the reception in true New Orleans tradition.  The Columns Hotel was built as a mansion for a wealthy businessman in the 1880s, and was transformed into a hotel around the turn of the century after the original owner passed away.  It’s a great location for a wedding reception, and can host ceremonies on the front steps as well.  Everyone had a great time at this couple’s wedding. Check out Kevin’s awesome groom’s cake!

Wedding processional at St. Stephen wedding at st. stephens St. Stephen photo of wedding party on new orleans streetcar Photo of Mardi Gras Indians at Wedding Bride dancing during Columns Hotel wedding

When I first met with Harold and Brady, I was impressed by how he was able to name every church in my sample albums and portfolio images!  Both of them were just the nicest people imaginable.

Their ceremony took place at St. Jude, and was a Latin mass, a bit different than the regular Catholic ceremonies I often photograph.

Their reception was held at the Marriott Hotel’s ballroom.  Both cakes were beautiful, but Harold’s groom’s cake consisted of a collection of meaningful quotes.

NOTHING was going to stop this bridesmaid from catching the bouquet!  (the lady in the red dress almost got flagged for pass interference)

At the end of the night, the guests were treated to a wonderful Mardi Gras Indians performance, with elaborate costumes and a couple of stilt walkers, and accompanied by the Sons of Jazz brass band.  What I really loved was when these performers, the couple, and the big crowd all headed downstairs, passing through a somewhat startled convention of lawyers, ending up in the lobby, where mingling hotel guests joined in the fun!

You only have to spend a few minutes with this couple to know that they are perfect for each other!  I had a lot of fun with their engagement portrait and Caroline’s bridal portrait, and their wedding was a blast!

Caroline wore the same dress her late mother was married in over 40 years ago, and she had her and her mother’s initials and wedding dates monogrammed to the inside of the dress.

The ceremony took place at beautiful St. John the Baptist Church in New Orleans, one of my favorite churches to shoot at!

The reception took place at The Foundry in the warehouse district, a fabulous venue.  Harvey Jesus & Fire entertained, and performed a huge variety of music!

Cutting the cake…

Cutting the cupcake!

When I photographed Caroline’s sister Ashley’s wedding two years ago, the family put together a cowboy skit (complete with costumes and props) to welcome Ashley’s husband Zach to the family.  The family carried on that tradition for Caroline’s wedding, this time donning hazmat suits and posing as a BP oil spill cleanup crew.  Caroline & Keith were suited up as well, and were presented with a few essential items… a bottle of Dawn detergent for cleaning up, and an official BP claims form.  The oil spill is an absolutely awful situation for everyone down here, but we can still maintain good spirits in the face of such adversity!

Andra & Ramiro’s friends Catherine & Calvin were married at this same spot a year ago, probably my most unique wedding of that year. And Andra & Ramiro’s wedding was certainly the most unique of this year! The ceremony was held in Audubon Park at the Tree of Life, a huge oak that was planted over 200 years ago for the wedding of New Orleans Mayor Jean Etienne de Bore.

Being Halloween night, the bridal party and all of the guests were dressed in costumes, many of them quite elaborate! And if that weren’t enough, the couple’s beloved dogs, who also participated in the wedding, had their own costumes as well. Their friends, Seán and Gwen of Seán Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, performed some wonderful kirtan music during sunset ceremony.

Then, the Panorama Jazz Band let a second line through the park to the reception at the Audubon Park Golf Clubhouse, and then played during the reception as well. Every member of this band was amazingly talented… they were so tight, it sounded like they had been playing together forever!

Tree of Life Audubon Park

Tree of Life Audubon Park Wedding

Tree of Life Audubon Park Wedding

Seán Johnson

Tree of Life Audubon Park Wedding

Panorama Jazz Band New Orleans

Dog Wedding Cake Topper

Panorama Jazz Band Wedding New Orleans